KXNG Crooked – Good vs Evil Deluxe Bundle


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Limited to 150 Units

Digitally Remastered

Autographed by KXNG Crooked

All supporters will have their names featured in the album Thank You’s (limited to all customers who purchase in the first 72 hrs)

All orders will come shipped with special Good vs Evil stickers

Shipped our July 30, 2020.

CD 1
1. A Just Message (Intro) (featuring Just Blaze)
2. Welcome to Planet X (We’re Coming) (featuring Eminem and The Observer)
3. Dem People (featuring Xzibit and SAS)
4. Robocop Went Pop
5. Rebel Party (featuring The Observer)
6. I Want to Kill You (featuring Astray and The Observer)
7. CrazyPsychoLoco
8. Intergalactic Hustling (featuring Boroc)
9. Revolutionary Funk” (featuring P Funk Pavarotti)
10. Shoot Back (Dear Officer) (featuring Tech N9ne)
11. Obey (KXNG’s Speech)
12. The Oath
13. KXNG Tut
14. Puppet Master (featuring RZA, KinG! and The Observer)
15. KXNG
16. Next
17. Scratch
18. Song
19. Experiment
20. Fun

CD 2
1. Wake Up Show (Intro)
2. The MAGA Continues
3. Red Hood’s Plot (Hahahaha)
4. GiveUDatHammer
5. Revolution Come (featuring Jai)
6. Truth (Why You Mad) (featuring Royce da 5’9″)
7. Shoot Back 2 (Dear Officer) / Train Tracks
8. Adderall Addicts
9. Cowboy Bebop
10. Thug Poetry (featuring Jay Townsend)
11. City Lights
12. Brainwashed Ni666a
13. Stand (featuring Styles P and Emanny)
14. Mace Windu


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